Master Thesis

In the past, I have supervised the following Master Thesis:

Master student Title Submitted
Maitane Fernández de Larrinoa Ecocities: their assessment and their planning September 2014
Alba Crespo Mediterranean diet: environmental impact and public perceptions September 2014
Aitziber Ferreiro Environmental impact and public information on Spanish bushfires September 2014
David Oliver Llorente Standardization and environmental assessment of a labeling machine July 2014
Jessica Fernández Cano New design paradigm based on material limits that can be overcome in our current change in technological era September 2012
Ana María Más Gil Influence of “Ecostereotypes” in percetion of environmental performance of ecodesigned products, and on their purchase June 2012
Iñaki Herrero Dorca Product-Service System proposal to substitute disposable plastic bags September 2011
Álvaro Martínez Flores Analysis of Product-Service Systems and redesign of communication strategy for ASociación Hortaviva September 2011
Nerea Isusi Olaizola Analysis and redesign of the Product-Service system of Asociación Hortaviva September 2011
María del Mar Crespo Bustos Study to improve acceptation of Product-Service systems by consumers December 2010
Radoslava Bogdanova State of the Art in Environmental Champions and their role in design June 2009