If science is my vocation, music is my passion. I play the the… well, several instruments, in the acoustic band named Oktopus.

As their Facebook website reads (Spanish-language alert, although Facebook can do some quite nice translations for you):

Oktopus Band is an acoustic trio that plays cover versions. They travel through time to rescue classics, and to adapt them and maky them their own. This band knows no rules, no constraints. The simply do the songs they like, giving them “the Oktopus touch”. Be it with guitar, upright base, keyboard or percussion, they range from soft to naughty, dismembering with their tentacles well-known tunes and taking them to their pesronal sonic ocean.

Soon this section of the website will include a bit more information (and pictures! and sound!) of the band. Come back soon for more!

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Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent

Victor Hugo

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