Project sponsors and project managers

To the project managers out there: do you know who your project sponsor in your organisation is? To those not calling yourselves project managers: in your activities, is there anybody who makes sure that what you makes the company go forward. To those of you leading organisations (be it companies, your own startup, volunteer organisations, etc.), how do you make sure all projects are taking you forward.

If your organisation has a decent size, there’s two scenarios. Either it’s a patchwork of projects that you hope people are driving in the right direction, or you actually have started your journey into having project sponsors for each of the projects. Continue reading “Project sponsors and project managers”

Daniel visits Riga

Last April 19th, I had the honor of being member of the jury for the Project Management Championships organized by Young Crew Latvia, part of the Latvian National Project management association. The Project Management Championships is a competition for students in project management. They first go through a pre-selection process, in which they compete on an online challenge with multiple questions on project management. Those who are best at it will make it to the face to face finals. They will have some hours to solve a case study and present it in front of a jury, who will assess which team is most capable and well prepared. Continue reading “Daniel visits Riga”