Public speaker

Since I wear many hats, there are many topics for which I’ve been asked to talk around the world. That’s why I though it would be relevant to point out the different topics for which I’ve been a speaker. You’ll see that some of them overlap with the other pages – the topics are the same that I lecture about, or that I am in close contact with through project management – but here I will include only those that I’ve formatted as a keynote speech.

Diversity in cooperation: how to embrace differences and maximise learning

In collaboration, differences are not easy to deal with. When the collaboration is between startups and corporations, even more so: they see the world differently, they communicate differently, they work at different pace. But both can learn from each other, and benefit from working with each other. This talk will share the insights of surveying corporations and startups, as well as organising 20+ renewal accelerators.

Creativity in the organisation: it’s not only branding, it’s not only innovation

Many corporations engage with startups to deal with uncertainty. Some do it for the branding, renewing their image. Some do it for the innovation, renewing their products and services. But in most cases, it is only a small part of the organisation that gets “infected”. To make the corporation more agile and ready for uncertainty, they need to embrace learning.

Entrepreneurs are human too

Starting a company is an emotional rollercoaster. One day you’re going to conquer the world, and the next day that same world is falling apart. And to be a successful entrepreneur, you also need to be mentally fit. This talk digs on some of these issues, and how entrepreneurs can deal with them.

Ecoinnovation: begin sustainable and yet creative

This is an evolving talk in which I point out the importance of sustainability, the magnitude of the challenge… and how we are, in some senses, blocking ourselves from performing better in solving it! It’s all about the big picture, and this talk focuses on that.

Effects of information on ideation processes

Spawning from some of my research, and in particular from a research project I’ve been leading during 2012 and 2013, this talk focuses on how the information we’re fed (among many other external stimuli) can influence our creative output, far more than we’d expect!

IPMA Young Crew as a carreer path

In this talk I bring, through storytelling, some of the advantages that people have out of participating and volunteering in the different projects promoted by IPMA Young Crew

Young Generations of Project Managers

In a slightly provocative discourse, in this talk I tackle the different inter-generational differences, paying special attention to new generations coming to the workplace and their impact (or potential impact) on project management.

Leadership in network societies

The world is changing, the way we communicate is changing… and the way we do projects as well, regardless of how much we acknowledge it! In this talk I will connect the concept of network societies with how project management as a discipline needs to evolve. Because we need it, as a planet.

Leadership in music bands: listen up managers

You might have already heard that managing is like conducting music. But what sort of band are you in? And who are you in that band? In this challenging talk, we’ll dive further into the world of music, to learn more about how people behave… in your team!

If any of these topics caught your attention, and you want me to be a keynote speaker at your event, just get in contact with me using the form below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible (generally less than 2 days).

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