As a former academic, I have made writing a considerable part of myself. Aside from academic literature, I also consider myself a writer of non-fiction (for now). But my passion and interests don’t stop there, and they’ve led me to write other types of educational books.

Understanding Creativity

understanding-creativity cover
This book will show you the different mechanisms, enablers and blocks, through which new ideas come to life. And it’s all backed by solid science! Learn to understand and hack your creativity. Find out more about this great upcoming book (and get your free first chapter) on www.understandingcreativity.org

Ten steps to conquer the world

10-steps cover
Everybody has a dream. But some people have more trouble turning it into a reality than others. In this book, we make sure you end up with the mindset you need for that! Are you planning on starting a business? Do you want to organise an event? Do you want to do the next killer app? Whatever it is that you set out to do, we’ll be seeing simple tricks and tools that you’ll be able to apply right away. Prepare yourself for a feet-on-the-ground guide on the most important topics of project management and product development… without the jargon! This book is currently under production, stay tuned for the crowdfunding campaign! Interested? Ask me on the comments section below!

Exercising Creativity series

Exercising Creativity 2012
Co-edited (and partly co-authored) and with Hesamedin Ostad-Ahmad-Ghorabi.

Creativity attracts the attention of very different disciplines. But what is it, when put under the spotlight? This book presents the work of the participants to the Creativity Engineering Summer University, with the motto: from a creative idea to its successful implementation. The reader is guided through the common steps and reflections that occur when trying to deliver a solid outcome, out of our ideas. How does the mind behave? Why and how do we have ideas? How do we develop them into tangible solutions? Basic concepts are introduced as well as five inspiring projects facing creativity in different ways. From children to professional work, from products to spaces, from networks to consultancy, creativity has its impact on all fields of life.

Fundamentos de diseño en la ingeniería (Fundamentals of Engineering Design)

Fundamentos del Diseño en la Ingeniería
Co-authored with Mónica García, Jorge Alcaide, Tomás Gómez, Jordi Peris and Rafael Monterde, from Universitat Politècnica de València.

Design teams solve problems that are complex and multidisciplinary. This requires them to have a good problem-solving strategy: one that is acceptably rigorous but also meets deadlines. This book presents design methodologies for industrial products, as well as the most common techniques and methods. The tools presented take the reader from the very early ideas to engineering concepts, going through concepts related to innovation, marketing, systems engineering and quality.Expect more of these coming up soon!