Advisor and founder at NurtUp

I’m also board member at NurtUp, a startup company I founded together with Hajnalka Collado. We help achievers focus on their wellbeing together with the people around them.

We provide games and other tools through which achievers can focus on their goals, keep track of their wellbeing, and have meaningful discussions about what really matters to them.

NurtUp’s first game is The Hero: a game that helps you think about what matters to you in life. You will empower each other in achieving a goal or dream by asking questions… a lot of questions. It makes even your most difficult talks into a fun game. We’ve turned piles of research on coaching, facilitation and goal-setting into superpowers for you! All you need is an open mind. The game takes care of the rest.

The vision

People are getting distant. We believe in a future in which people interact in offline communities with the same ease that in online one. Society needs more communication and empathy, but we like to say “I’m busy”.

This company brings together many of the passions that I’ve had during my life, and that you can see through this website. It’s the next step in empowering, educating and supporting people globally!

Want to hear more? Sign up here, and I'll make sure you receive an invite when we launch the beta!

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