• Online shouldn’t suckOnline shouldn’t suck
    We live in an odd reality these days. COVID-19 is keeping the vast majority of the world inside. Most organizations are compelled to work online when they can. I think I’ve never had such a significant number of discussions about remote online work (and I’ve had a few)! I’m constantly… Read more »
  • What makes the Blockchain and Fintech Accelerator different for startupsWhat makes the Blockchain and Fintech Accelerator different for startups
    We at Nestholma go straight to the point. You want partnerships with financial institutions. Most fail. We help you make them work. You need to work with the financial institutions I’m sure you’ve been to a lot of events and networking sessions. I’m sure you gathered a lot of business… Read more »
  • F.A.Q. – The most common questions startups have about the Blockchain and Fintech AcceleratorF.A.Q. – The most common questions startups have about the Blockchain and Fintech Accelerator
    You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Check the questions below to see if we’ve got you covered. And if not… drop Raquel an email (raquel @ with your questions, and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Physical events Process Funding You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!… Read more »
  • Carta abierta a la administración pública españolaCarta abierta a la administración pública española
    Administración pública española: tenemos que hablar. Eres importante. De tus instituciones salen grandes cosas. Las oficinas de empleo ayudan a la gente a encontrar trabajo. La seguridad social salva vidas. Y las agencias tributarias nos ayudan a financiarlo todo. Pero tenemos que hablar. En algún punto de ese proceso, perdiste… Read more »
  • Open letter to the Spanish public administrationOpen letter to the Spanish public administration
    Spanish public administration: we need to talk. You are important. Great things come out of your institutions. Unemployment offices help people find jobs. Social security saves lives. And tax offices help us pay for all that. But we need to talk. Somewhere along the way, you lost yourself. You stopped… Read more »
  • Blockchain and Fintech accelerator, the community that will change transactionsBlockchain and Fintech accelerator, the community that will change transactions
    The way we do transactions (of all sorts) is changing. Technologies such as blockchain and AI have affected the way we do our banking, insurance, legal work, administration, investments, etc. But I’m preaching to the choir. Many of you who read this are already part of the next wave of… Read more »
  • We’re opening an office in Spain – come visit us!We’re opening an office in Spain – come visit us!
    At Nestholma we believe in proximity. Employees of financial institutions and entrepreneurs need to stay close to learn from each other. We need to be there as well, to make sure collaboration happens productively. But…  fintech startups are born global. Fintech startups are not bound by national borders. They need… Read more »
  • The ultimate 8 steps to beating procrastinationThe ultimate 8 steps to beating procrastination
    We know how hard it can be to get started on the important stuff with so many distractions and things like your phone and social media competing for your attention and time. Here’s our simple guide to breaking the cycle of procrastination… Step 1 Do the stuff you’ve been avoiding… Read more »
  • What is a corporate accelerator?What is a corporate accelerator?
    We have run 26 different collaboration programs in the past. And in many of them, we helped financial institutions run a corporate accelerator. Because of that, I often the get asked if “we are an accelerator”. And no we’re not: we have expertise in that area, but we are far… Read more »
  • Navigating collaboration: the startup collaboration canvasNavigating collaboration: the startup collaboration canvas
    The best innovations come from collaboration. Yet most attempts at collaboration fail. Most corporates blame the lack of strategic alignment or maturity. Most startups blame bureaucracy and internal politics. And they’re both right: most of the time, there’s some building block missing. When you buy furniture, you wouldn’t leave half… Read more »
  • It’s completely predictable: why your corporate accelerator gives too little resultsIt’s completely predictable: why your corporate accelerator gives too little results
    Most corporate accelerators fail in giving tangible results. Many corporations don’t even have a clear vision of what they’re trying to do with it! Some succeed in bringing only a few innovations to the market. Rarely the ones that can create real change. And most fail at changing the corporation… Read more »
  • The business case for organizing an acceleratorThe business case for organizing an accelerator
    Corporations benefit in many ways from having an accelerator. In our whitepaper, we already analyzed those benefits in depth. But one question that is sometimes tricky for people is: how much? This is especially relevant when preparing a business case. Should you or should you not do an accelerator? What… Read more »
  • FAQ: the most common questions startups have about our acceleratorsFAQ: the most common questions startups have about our accelerators
    While promoting our accelerator programs, we get lots of questions regarding logistics, financing, or other parameters that might influence your decision. Here are some answers to the most common questions: Do I need to relocate to the program’s location? The accelerator program is on-site: it requires the founders to be… Read more »
  • Hacking learning with NurtUpHacking learning with NurtUp
    During the last months I’ve been busy posting in NurtUp’s blog about the topic “hacking learning”. Since I have kept this site quite inactive, I’ve decided to share some of the ideas here as well. From now on, every time I share my musings at NurtUp I’ll also share some of the… Read more »
  • Give it all a purposeGive it all a purpose
    Have you ever started learning something, been super-excited about it, and when you start getting into the routine of practicing it, slowly loose motivation and abandon it? Well, you’re not alone! You need to motivate yourself! But I don’t think a motivational poster will do the trick. It’s important to remind… Read more »
  • Let it sinkLet it sink
    A lot of the learning process goes on in the back of our heads. Actually, some scientist have even proposed that to be the main driver of sleep and dreaming is to let those ideas and connections strengthen! We don’t have to go that far, but research shows that a… Read more »
  • Repeat, but repeat wiselyRepeat, but repeat wisely
    This is probably the oldest trick in the book, but no less powerful. But you have been warned: repetition for repetition’s sake might not get you great results. And it’s just boring. One skill that I started working on a long time ago (and still do… learning is a life-long… Read more »
  • Break down what you’re learningBreak down what you’re learning
    A lot of people give up on a skill because they find it “too difficult”, or daunting. Of course: everything worth learning is “too difficult” at the beginning! One of the keys to making progress is to figure out what different sub-skills or talents you need. And when you think you can’t… Read more »
  • Get acquainted with the topicGet acquainted with the topic
    What’s the first step that you follow when you learn a skill? Just a hint: “giving up” is not an option! The first thing that you have to do is to get a bit confortable with the topic, to understand what you’re learning. This is a terribly confusing task, but it’s important to go through it.… Read more »
  • Hack how to learn a new skillHack how to learn a new skill
    As a self-declared (and self-trained) nerd, I’ve been asked a lot of times how I had learnt a particular skill. And for a while my answer used to be “you just go ahead and learn it”, until I started reflecting more about it. Maybe my job teaching at university had something to do with… Read more »
  • Do you want to learn to code? No excuse now!Do you want to learn to code? No excuse now!
    Business Insider has published a really cool compilation of places where you can learn to code for free! Check it out here! I wanted to add a few lines as well about my personal experience with some of this! I’ve tried quite a few of the links they provide. I have… Read more »
  • Risks are good if you learnRisks are good if you learn
    The post Risks are good if you learn appeared first on NurtUp blog. Read more »
  • Hacking learningHacking learning
    I love learning new stuff! I always like to have something new that I’m exploring, and also to keep improving some of the skills I’m already confident on. I’m currently starting to learn how to program in Ruby on Rails, and I’m a continuous learner of guitar-playing and communication. And every… Read more »
  • What’s in it for them?What’s in it for them?
    You have probably reflected a number of times about where your career is heading. You have probably also wondered whether your current position is taking you to the right places. But how often do you stop to think about what your team members get from your project? Do they find… Read more »
  • Levels of truth, levels of planningLevels of truth, levels of planning
    How much planning is enough? How much planning is too much? Do we want to try to anticipate every detail before we start moving, or rather start the project and figure out as we go? In the project management arena I find this reflection to be quite relevant. Obviously, both options have advantages… Read more »
  • The ‘secret’ equation of ecoinnovationThe ‘secret’ equation of ecoinnovation
    What? Secret? After all this time? Ok, it’s not really a secret. But sometimes, when one gets entangled in day-to-day activities, opportunities seem like well-hidden treasures. And that’s what the formula includes: E=m·c² Yup, that’s it. You might have seen it somewhere. But no, I’m not going to talk about the speed of… Read more »
  • Academia 2.0 – beyond onlineAcademia 2.0 – beyond online
    The world is changing massively, in almost every aspect (except for the basic human needs). Every business model is having to be revisited, but… are universities, as we understand them, something that can prevail by pivoting their business model? How sustainable is their business model on the long mid term? As with any… Read more »
  • Project sponsors and project managersProject sponsors and project managers
    To the project managers out there: do you know who your project sponsor in your organisation is? To those not calling yourselves project managers: in your activities, is there anybody who makes sure that what you makes the company go forward. To those of you leading organisations (be it companies, your… Read more »
  • The explorer and the road-builderThe explorer and the road-builder
    In a research project, how important (or even relevant) is to say how your final software or method will look like? Some time ago, I was having an interesting discussion with Filipe about his PhD thesis proposal. The main question was whether it was relevant to emphasise the fact that we are… Read more »
  • From Russia with loveFrom Russia with love
    The last 30th and 31st of May I had the pleasure of participating in the conference organized by SOVNET’s Young Crew, dealing with the challenges and research in project management, and targeted and young researchers. A chance one must not let pass! The conference had three very distinct parts. The… Read more »