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Welcome to my the website! Here you will find information on all activities that I am involved in. And the ones I have done in the past. You will find very different topics. Welcome to my mind. But it also fits together in my quest to understand human systems and the human mind. From many different angles. Do not be shy to ask me about any of them.

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  • Carta abierta a la administración pública española
    Administración pública española: tenemos que hablar. Eres importante. De tus instituciones salen grandes cosas. Las oficinas de empleo ayudan a la gente a encontrar trabajo. La seguridad social salva vidas. Y las agencias tributarias nos ayudan a financiarlo todo. Pero tenemos que hablar. En algún punto de ese proceso, perdiste… Read more »
  • Open letter to the Spanish public administration
    Spanish public administration: we need to talk. You are important. Great things come out of your institutions. Unemployment offices help people find jobs. Social security saves lives. And tax offices help us pay for all that. But we need to talk. Somewhere along the way, you lost yourself. You stopped… Read more »
  • Blockchain and Fintech accelerator, the community that will change transactions
    The way we do transactions (of all sorts) is changing. Technologies such as blockchain and AI have affected the way we do our banking, insurance, legal work, administration, investments, etc. But I’m preaching to the choir. Many of you who read this are already part of the next wave of… Read more »
  • We’re opening an office in Spain – come visit us!
    At Nestholma we believe in proximity. Employees of financial institutions and entrepreneurs need to stay close to learn from each other. We need to be there as well, to make sure collaboration happens productively. But…  fintech startups are born global. Fintech startups are not bound by national borders. They need… Read more »
  • The ultimate 8 steps to beating procrastination
    We know how hard it can be to get started on the important stuff with so many distractions and things like your phone and social media competing for your attention and time. Here’s our simple guide to breaking the cycle of procrastination… Step 1 Do the stuff you’ve been avoiding… Read more »
  • What is a corporate accelerator?
    We have run 26 different collaboration programs in the past. And in many of them, we helped financial institutions run a corporate accelerator. Because of that, I often the get asked if “we are an accelerator”. And no we’re not: we have expertise in that area, but we are far… Read more »
  • Navigating collaboration: the startup collaboration canvas
    The best innovations come from collaboration. Yet most attempts at collaboration fail. Most corporates blame the lack of strategic alignment or maturity. Most startups blame bureaucracy and internal politics. And they’re both right: most of the time, there’s some building block missing. When you buy furniture, you wouldn’t leave half… Read more »
  • It’s completely predictable: why your corporate accelerator gives too little results
    Most corporate accelerators fail in giving tangible results. Many corporations don’t even have a clear vision of what they’re trying to do with it! Some succeed in bringing only a few innovations to the market. Rarely the ones that can create real change. And most fail at changing the corporation… Read more »
  • The business case for organizing an accelerator
    Corporations benefit in many ways from having an accelerator. In our whitepaper, we already analyzed those benefits in depth. But one question that is sometimes tricky for people is: how much? This is especially relevant when preparing a business case. Should you or should you not do an accelerator? What… Read more »
  • FAQ: the most common questions startups have about our accelerators
    While promoting our accelerator programs, we get lots of questions regarding logistics, financing, or other parameters that might influence your decision. Here are some answers to the most common questions: Do I need to relocate to the program’s location? The accelerator program is on-site: it requires the founders to be… Read more »
  • Why OTP Bank works with Nestholma
    Collaboration between startups and corporations is not easy. Most attempts to cooperate actually fail. There is a cultural divide between their two worlds. This why you need a mediator who understands both of those worlds: to make the collaboration a win-win for both the corporation and the startups. Luckily, our… Read more »
  • Why OTP Bank wants to work with startups
    It’s clear that for startups, having a big bank as a partner is crucial. And that OTP Bank is such a partner. It can make it or break it. It makes your startup bank-validated. But collaboration is not a one-way street. Tweet this. You also need to understand your partner… Read more »
  • Here’s what I learned from talking with people from 9 countries of OTP Bank
    Digital technologies have transformed the way we do… everything. And it continues to transform it, every day. We often read about new technology that looks like science fiction… but we’ve exploited only a fraction of the technologies available today. On October 3rd and 4th I was lucky to take part… Read more »
  • Hacking learning with NurtUp
    During the last months I’ve been busy posting in NurtUp’s blog about the topic “hacking learning”. Since I have kept this site quite inactive, I’ve decided to share some of the ideas here as well. From now on, every time I share my musings at NurtUp I’ll also share some of the… Read more »
  • Give it all a purpose
    Have you ever started learning something, been super-excited about it, and when you start getting into the routine of practicing it, slowly loose motivation and abandon it? Well, you’re not alone! You need to motivate yourself! But I don’t think a motivational poster will do the trick. It’s important to remind… Read more »

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