In my previous life before becoming an entrepreneur, I was an academic.

I used to work as a researcher at the Universidad Politècnica de València, in Spain. With a Ph.D in Development, Sustainability, and Ecodesign, my research fields were ecoinnovation, sustainability and creativity. I worked mainly in the packaging, toy, and electronic sectors, since I was part of research group Integration of Design & Environmental Assessment (ID&EA).

Research papers

Some people measure the productivity of academics on the research papers they publish. If you’re that type of person (or if you’re interested), you can find a list of research papers in these areas here.


Because of my research interests, I have contributed to a number of books. You can find more about those here.

Other academic publications (and excuses)

I keep promising myself that I’ll upload more information on the dozens of other publications that I have (conferences, magazines, etc.). As you can guess, that hasn’t happened yet (after 5+ years). But I love to talk, so drop me a line if you’re curious to hear more.

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

Oscar Wilde