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My day-to-day goes to my role at Nestholma. I’m responsible for making our partners (big financial institutions and startups) better at collaborating. And there’s lots to do there: the average collaboration takes more than a year to materialize, and 80-90% of good business cases go down the drain because of lack of processes or know-how.

We help the big financial institutions and the startups work together and learn from each other.

  • We help the big financial institutions by organizing with them bootcamps, corporate accelerators, innovation processes, internal training, etc.
  • We help the startups by investing in them, making them collaboration-ready (not only the big guys are to blame for the slow processes), and connecting them to our partner network.

I was particularly involved in the accelerators with Nordea and with OTP Bank. I’m also responsible for the overall program structures and mentors.

Thanks to this, I get to work work with the most amazing startups and corporations. Drop me a line below if you want to work with us!

Board member @ NurtUp

My wife Hajni Collado and I founded NurtUp in 2015. NurtUp makes people happier and more self-aware using physical games. It’s incredible to see how games can enhance people’s interaction, and help them take big steps forward in their personal goals at the same time.

We base our games in coaching, project management, and facilitation techniques. I have naturally brought to NurtUp my experience in training and facilitating big groups of people.

My role in NurtUp at the moment is rather advisory, with Hajni taking over running the business. If you want to do something in that area, head over to their website and drop them a line

Other gigs

Facilitator, public speaker and consultant

Daniel running a workshop

I also do the occasional service gig. I’ve provided my services for the following activities:

I have carried out all the above in English 🇬🇧, Spanish 🇪🇸 and Catalan. I can also communicate in French 🇫🇷 and German 🇩🇪.


If you are an event organizer and ended up here, you might be looking for my bio and photos (to promote your event or similar).

If you have an idea in mind I’ll be happy to hear you out. If it’s interesting let’s figure out a way to work together! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Project manager and volunteer

I’ve also been very actively involved in the International Project Management Association. I’ve held many roles, the main one being Chairman of the Young Crew Management Board, responsible for making the association relevant for your professionals and students. At the moment I’m not very active there, but I sometimes help out on a task or two.

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