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Creativity is not a privilege – it is a tool that everyone can use to transform their individual lives as well as to find unexpected solutions for managing projects and business practices. That is the tagline for the branded creACTivity workshops done by the IPMA Young Crew. It consists of a project-oriented creativity workshop, targeted at making participants discover the concepts behind creativity (rather than mentioning useless list of alleged traits that will not make them more creative), taking them through a series of games and experiences that will make them more capable of being creative in their everyday problem-solving. These workshops are organized by national Young Crew groups, and are tailored for the project management community, although… in an extended sense. They tend to gather crowds combining a variety of disciplines, some of who think they’re distant from project management… to discover they might not be that far away!

Additionally to the whole creACTivity series, I have facilitated other workshops in a similar fashion (or with similar concepts), directed at different audiences or with different formats. Creativity is a very broad topic, and there’s lots to discover there. Just ask me!

Of course, they include to some level creativity techniques… but if you’re the cookbook type of person, I can recommend you some great books. If you understand creativity properly, you probably don’t need anybody else’s recipes. This range of workshop will teach you to cook, not a list of recipes.

The first creACTivity workshop took place in Castellón (Spain) in 2009, and was organized jointly by Gloria Costa and Violetta Pleshakova from Young Crew Germany, and David Cebrián-Tarrasón and myself from AEIPRO Joven (Young Crew Spain). The workshop also received a strong push forward from Estuardo Calderón-Scheel. I had lectured on creativity at the Technical University of Valencia for some years, but this was the first time I dealt with it in a workshop environment. Ever since, creACTivity workshops have taken place in Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Nepal, Netherlands, Croatia, Mexico, Peru, and again in Spain. Many of them I have been responsible for in one way or another. I have also been one of the trainers at the Summer School on Creativity Engineering in the Technical University of Vienna, which was fully workshop-oriented and dealt with creativity from many angles. Creativity is probably my most rolled-out topic when it comes to workshops… but I try to make it always different! You’ve got to walk the talk!

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