Effects of irrational behavior in project management

In the past decades, attention in project management has switched from tools to
people. But to understand how to have an effect on people, we must first understand
how people behave.

Does the environment affect the way a project manager plans? Does the behavior of
the project owner affect the deadline? Do our decision vary depending on the context
and moment when we’re taking them? Can taking breaks on undesirable tasks make
their execution more painful? Can an expert’s assessment be less reliable than a simple
predicting formula in risk management? Can incentives diminish our productivity? Are
there risks in creating a good climate in our office?

Behavioural economics, gives us the answer to all the previous questions: a probably
surprising yes, with a lot of side notes. This and much more is what we will explore in this workshop.

An abridged version of this workshop was carried out in the Project Management Days 2014 in Helsinki, as one of the workshops in English.