Trainer – Competence in Project Management

Have you handled any project up to now? If you feel tempted to say “no”, please watch this video that Estuardo Calderón-Scheel and myself developed one random day in Berlin:

After looking at the vast amount of activities that can be considered a project (and that is just a random sample of what normal people would consider a project), it seems obvious that you will have managed your projects, in one way or another. But was it competently? How could you become better at project management (or more bluntly, at “making stuff happen”)? This workshop uses the IPMA Competence Baseline in a novel way, to get participants to discover their strengths and weaknesses, and to set themselves a career path that will let them develop their full potential as project managers. Once you are aware of what you want to improve, and how to improve it, it’s just a matter of going for it!

Side effects may include wanting to pursue a career as a project management, getting motivated and volunteering in the national Young Crew.

This workshop was first developed by myself for a guest workshop at the Master of Project Management in the University of Valladolid in Spain, and has since been done in different versions in Czech Republic and in Peru.

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