Trainer – Project control

IMG_20131206_163732“How’s your project going?” As project managers, we’ve all had to answer to that that line one way or another (or had to report). Sometimes, it’s a scary question. Other times, it may prompt the project manager to start blabbing about all the stuff that’s happening. The last option is not necessarily much better, if it can’t properly answer whether the project will finish on time or on budget.

Projects – and especially complicated projects – require project managers to know what’s happening, what’s happened, and what’s going to happen. And not just “know”, but be able to show, and be able to take action on all that. This workshop deals with different aspects of project controlling, ranging from reporting to social controlling, all packaged together in a fun and interactive game!

The first version of this training was ideated with Bikash Dhar, and used for the first time in Vienna. A follow-up was carried out in Tallinn, and soon another one will follow in Helsinki. Stay tuned!2015-01-26 11.37.30 pm

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