Daniel’s short bio

If you’ve reached this part of the website, you’re probably interested in including my short bio in some document. You’re in the right place then! This is my most up-to-date version:

Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz enables and empowers entrepreneurs, with a pragmatical approach to entrepreneurship, coaching, public speaking, training and consulting. He has coached and trained several thousand people, in over a dozen countries, in five continents. He is CEO at Nestholma, helping financial institutions and startups do actual business together, and investing into startups. He is also founder and board member of NurtUp, a startup that manufactures games that improve interaction.

He combines this with a strong academic past (10 years experience researching at Universitat Politècnica de València). Holding a Ph.D in Development, Sustainability, and Ecodesign, he has worked in projects related to design for sustainability and life cycle assessment in the packaging, toy, and electronic sectors in the research group Integration of Design & Environmental Assessment (ID&EA). Daniel has also conducted research in ecoinnovation, sustainability, creativity and distributed teamwork, and given lectures at different universities around the world.

In case you’re using that text, I’m sure you also need a picture next to my bio. Feel free to pick from the following, depending on the style of your event (more or less formal, more or less creative). Click on the image for a larger version:

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